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We now offer digital audiobooks for on-the-go listening!

Thanks to the amazing people at Libro.fm, we can now offer our customers digital audiobooks! With an enormous selection that ranges from best sellers to more obscure works, these audiobooks are a no-brainer! If you've got a long commute, an upcoming road trip, or if you're looking for something different for your morning run, look no further!

Download the app!

How does it work?

Head on over to Libro.fm/bankstreetbooks and start browsing! Add as many books to your cart as you want and create an account when you check out. The best part? These audiobooks are DRM-free, giving you the freedom listen however you please. You can use Libro's free app (available on the App Store and Google Play) or you can download the book to your computer and play it through iTunes, burn it to CDs, or any other method of your choosing. With Libro, the world is your oyster!